quality: Senior Couple Sitting On Outdoor Seat Together Laughing

Good quality of life is important when it comes to older adults dealing with chronic health conditions and major life changes. Having that feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment is important for overall well-being. Having a positive view of life can help seniors with more energy, less stress, better appetite, and prevent cognitive decline.

quality: Senior Couple Sitting On Outdoor Seat Together Laughing5 ways to improve the quality of life in seniors are:

  1. Treat Depression – recognize the signs of depression and seek help from a doctor, psychologist, therapist, or counselor.
  2. Help them feel useful and needed – ask them to help you do chores around the house like fold laundry, organize drawers, clip coupons, open mail, etc.
  3. Encourage regular physical activity – keeping seniors active helps boost their immune system, lowers blood pressure, improves sleep quality, heart health, relieves anxiety, and improves strength/stamina.
  4. Keep them mentally active – give them crossword puzzles, Sudoku’s, brain games, or books to keep their minds sharp and active.
  5. Help them stay connected with family, friends, and community – don’t let older adults isolate themselves from their loved ones. Encourage them to visit friends and family, attend parties, and get them involved in volunteering or a hobby.

Information provided by DailyCaring.