fraud: black door with a gold mail slip that says no junk mail

Elder fraud is a 36 billion dollar “industry” and they are making a business out of taking advantage of older adults. This is not only happening to the older or those with Alzheimer’s/dementia, but younger and educated seniors are losing money as well. There are 4 options to take advantage of to make sure you are not at risk:

  1. fraud: black door with a gold mail slip that says no junk mailDMAChoice – this is the #1 way to stop junk mail. Registering with DMAChoice stops mail from companies that you have never purchased from or donated to.
  2. National Do Not Mail List – another company that can help you opt-out from junk mail.
  3. Opt-Out Pre-Screen – a company that stops credit card offers.
  4. InfoCision – is a telemarketing company, but they also manage mailing lists for their clients. Call or email to request to be removed from their list.

Putting a stop to junk mail is essential to reducing your risk of fraud. It will also help someone with early dementia from repeatedly donating to the same charity (more than usual) or signing up for multiple credit cards.

Information gathered from Daily Caring