No, this isn’t “The Notebook,” but you better grab some tissues because it’s one of the most endearing stories of love and commitment that Harlan HRC has ever seen and a connection that everyone strives to achieve in their own lives.

After 43 years of blissful marriage, residents Bill & Joann Childers renewed their wedding vows at the Harlan HRC facility in front of staff, family and friends. Bill was sporting a white button down with black bow tie and Joann carried a beautiful bouquet of roses for the occasion.  The ceremony was performed by Rev. Jerry Burke while his wife served as the maid of honor. Bill got his fellow Army veteran and friend, Jimmie Frazier, to be his best man.

For the couple, it was important to publicly showcase their continual commitment to their loving relationship, to inspire others to shoot for the same and fight the good fight. Afterward, they had a glass of champagne and enjoyed an anniversary cake while Bill reiterated that marrying Joann was the best day of his life and he wouldn’t have changed a thing.