Bloom: two women painting a flower pot

Bloom: two women painting a flower potThe therapy team at Harlan Health and Rehabilitation Center participated in a Monthly Challenge and the theme was “Watch me Bloom”. The activity was to plant a pansy and watch it Bloom. Residents painted a flowerpot in the color/pattern they wanted. Therapy encouraged residents to reminisce about the past with loved ones. This task encouraged the use of fine motor skills, problem solving skills, auditory comprehension, and verbal expression.

The Physical Therapy team walked residents who were able to and from the activity. Once the Flowerpot dried, the resident’s added potting soil to the pot and planted a Pansy. The residents loved this activity. The flowers were placed in their room so they could enjoy watching them bloom. Thank you to the therapy staff for all the love and care they bestow on the residents every day. Also, thank you Julie Bolin, DON, for taking time to help with the activity.